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Winner of Greenhouse Gasses Reduction Award; Climate Cup 2008
16-12-2008 09:44
On November 25, 2008 Gypsum Recycling International won the Greenhouse Gasses Reduction award at Climate Cup 2008, held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Climate Cup is sponsored by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and leading Danish media, and aims to promote and award companies and organizations having made a special contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gasses to the benefit of the climate. The judges included Mr. John R. Poter, professor and member of the United Nations Climate Panel, the IPCC, who handed out the award.

At the award ceremony our CEO, Henrik Lund-Nielsen said: “We are very proud to have received this honor and appreciate the recognition we are getting as a company for helping to create a better climate”.

GRI was selected as the winner of the Reduction Award due to that our activities lead to a significant reduction in emissions of greenhouse gasses. In fact last year the climate was saved from the emissions of more than 20.000 tons of CO2 (equivalents) as a result of our activities.

The reductions come from the fact that waste, which we recycle, is not landfilled. This alone leads to reductions in the creation of greenhouse gasses in the landfills, but on top of this our recycled gypsum substitutes virgin gypsum that otherwise would have been produced and in that process greenhouse gasses would also have been created.

The judges were very impressed with this double saving of emissions of greenhouse gasses that our business model ensures.

The judges included representatives from leading businesses and climate experts, among other Mr. John. R. Poter, professor and member of the United Nations Climate Panel, the IPCC.