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Sheetrock recycling

Gypsym Recycling International is the first company to have implemented a complete and commercially viable voluntary system for recycling all kinds of Sheetrock and gypsum waste. Take a look at our unique sheetrock recycling system


Company profile

Gypsum Recycling International is the mother company of the internationally operating Gypsum Recycling Group. Gypsum Recycling International is the first company worldwide to have implemented a complete and commercially based Sheetrock recycling system for recycling of all kinds of Sheetrock, drywall and wallboard waste by converting the waste into a raw material for production of new Sheetrock. The system was introduced in Denmark in 2001, and has since been expanded to cover new countries very quickly. Today we are active in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, USA, and Japan will start next year. Gypsum Recycling Internationals system provides benefits to all parties involved, and accordingly the basis of the system is common business sense rather than bans or regulations regarding landfilling of Sheetrock waste.

Significantly different

The system has a proven track record in several countries and has obtained the world record recycling rate of 65%, not just of new construction waste but also of demolition waste. We do not just claim we can make Sheetrock recycling happening, we are doing it every day in 7 countries. Nobody has more experience than us. It is a complete system with all the necessary elements for efficiently taking the waste from the place of generation to the processing facility, where the waste very economically is transformed into a valuable raw material that cost efficiently is delivered to the Sheetrock plant nearby. The system encompasses: a collection system/containers, a logistics system, the mobile recycling unit and end-users that can benefit from the recycled material. The recycling unit is designed to be mobile and very compact. Hereby multiple small processing plants/facilities located close to where the waste is generated can be serviced using the same recycling unit. The recycling unit removes all types of contaminants from the recycled waste, no matter whether the waste is from new construction or demolition activity, assuring that any Sheetrock manufacturer can use the produced powder and replace up to 25% of the raw materials needs with recycled gypsum powder made from Sheetrock waste.


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